Dr. Gerard Bosscher - Retired

Gerard Bosscher, DDS, MS

Serving the people in our community for their dental needs has been a pleasure and a very rewarding experience for over 25 years. I believe in being honest and truthful with everyone to establish a respectful attitude from patients, staff, other dental professionals and people in the community. Every child or adult who visits our office for treatment has their own personality that makes each and every day different and a joy to be serving them. 

Dr GerardEducation and Continuing Education

I graduated from Hope College in 1971 with my Bachelors Degree. Afterward, I went on to the University of Detroit, where I attained my DDS in 1975. I earned my MS in Orthodontics from the University of Michigan in 1985.
I am constantly learning about the profession of orthodontics and attend yearly meetings and seminars. These courses help me stay informed of new research done in orthodontics that will aid me in diagnosis and treatment of my patients. New technologies are introduced so my partners and I can incorporate state-of-the-art technology into treatment for our patients. It is not only a requirement to attend continuing education courses, but keeps us informed on what is happening in orthodontics, and is also a good way to keep in contact with our colleagues involved in our profession. We care about our patients and it is always important for us to deliver the best orthodontic care for them.

In the Practice

I enjoy practicing orthodontics because of what it can do for my patients. I enjoy building a special doctor/patient relationship that develops into a caring, friendly, and respectful attitude between us. I am able to give each patient a beautiful smile that can improve his self-esteem and influences how he feels about himself.
I enjoy being involved with all of the different patients that we treat. The treatment we offer to our patients is very beneficial to their overall oral health. Straight teeth are easier to brush and keep clean. When teeth are straight and function properly, it is easier to chew your food. This is important to the digestive process and breakdown of the foods we eat, and can affect the general health of our bodies.

I enjoy seeing the personality changes our patients experience while we are treating them, and of course, the final outcome with straight teeth, an improved bite, and a beautiful smile. The patients are happier, feel better about themselves, and walk out of our office after treatment is complete with big smiles on their faces! They are very grateful for what we can do for them. I really enjoy seeing generations of patients starting with grandparents as patients and now their children and grandchildren are patients. We really get to know our families well. 

Family Life

I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and currently live in Grand Rapids in Cascade Township. My lovely wife, Darlene, and I have three sons. Damon is 27, Ryon is 24, and my oldest, Brandon, is 29 and married to Kelly. They have been blessed with their first child, my granddaughter, Mia!
My family has been involved in the medical field for years. We are all doctors! My father was an Orthodontist, my mother was a registered nurse practitioner, and my brother is a Gynocological Onocologist. My two oldest sons and my daughter-in-law are doctors of Physical Therapy, and my youngest son is a Chiropractic Physician.

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