I just wanted to say thank you to the staff that worked last week Thursday afternoon.
My son, Zach Calveneau is a new patient and was having problems with his braces. When I called to see if he could come in at 3:45 on Thursday afternoon, the staff stayed late so that they could make the necessary adjustments for Zach. As it turned out, there was a wire poking him and they fixed it. It would've been a long miserable weekend for him and the rest of the family. Thank you for going the extra mile for us. It really meant a lot to us.

This office is highly recommended. I love the doctors and the staff. I was a patient when I was younger and now I am bringing my daughter here. Super friendly, very professional, and great kid friendly environment.
Thank you, Theresa

Dear Dr. Herremans,
It seems that in today's world, the only time that someone sends a follow up note regarding an issue is when they have a complaint. I am very pleased to contrast that with this little note to you today.
Since starting both kids off with braces early, we couldn't be happier with the results that were achieved during this process. Since Abbi got her braces off, her smile is beautiful and we are already seeing positive results from Alex's first phase of treatment.
We appreciate your professional staff and the time they take with us. You have been nothing short of awesome in the kid's treatment and make wearing braces fun!
Thank you for your fine care and for all that you do to train your staff to be as good as they are!
The Anthony's

I have been coming to this office for years, starting as a young teenager and now my kids come here. The doctors and staff have always been great!

We love Dr. Tom and his Staff! What a wonderfully caring office! Dr. Tom is kind, compassionate and fun for kids of all ages to visit. His treatment care plans are clinically top notch. The financial office is willing to work out payment plans that fit each family's budget. Why…once in a while we even get an appointment reminder from Dr. Tom himself!
Lastly…we appreciate their charitable giving and community involvement…Herremans Orthodontics truly cares about smiles and kids!                               The Jacobs Family

Before orthodontics our daughter Sophie had multiple rows of teeth growing deep into her palette. After just eleven months of treatment, her mouth was transformed into a healthy bite and beautiful smile. Now she loves to show her smile and also take special care of her pretty teeth. We were very impressed with the results and equally as important, we felt our appointments were always handled by knowledgeable and friendly staff.
The Stellin Family

Thanks to Herremans Ortho. Our family feels confident smiling and showing our teeth.  The staff is exceptional. They are always more than willing to accommodate your schedules. I appreciate their flexibility. I would highly recommend this office.

At approximately 50 years of age, I decided I no longer wanted to live with my crooked teeth. I was referred to Drs. Herremans and couldn't be happier! After adjustments my teeth are straight and I love it. The entire staff in this office has been wonderful – from friendly smiles and greetings – to excellent orthodontic care - to careful and thorough explanations – to flexibility about my schedule and needs. All that and straight teeth! Thank you to everyone in the office!
Carolee Besteman

Dr. Tom,
Thanks for giving me such a great smile! I loved wearing braces, but I love my perfect smile even more!

Everybody is nice. It doesn't hurt as I expected.

Everybody is very nice and funny! I love the colors in here! I also love all of the guessing games when you try to guess how many things are in the jar!

The staff here is great, friendly and always accommodating. I am happy that I chose Herremans Orthodontics, and I highly recommend them to others!

The people here are so cool and fun it's like its painless!
Annika Bekker

I love this place!
Becca Bloom

The people here are really nice and caring! They can really work around all the sports and school that are in many of the kid's schedules. I remember when I was little I was so scared to come, but not it's no biggy!
McKenna Bockheim

I love how you guys decorate for each holiday! Everybody is so nice and kind!
Taylor Furtaw.

We love this office. The staff is friendly and easy to work with.
Melissa B.

I love how everybody is so nice and awesome!
Jessica Judis 

I'm very thankful to have my braces. Dr. Herremans has helped me so much with my confidence. I'm so thankful there is such a thing as braces.

I like Dr. Herremans and Bosscher because they chose awesome staff so kind and generous.
Emily Vredevelt

This office is very professional, pleasant and easy to work with. I have had three children treated at Herremans Orthodontics and all have been exceptional experiences. Thank you!
Marcie Palmer

Dr. Tom and staff are such a friendly and fun staff!
Katie Nelson

Herremans Orthodontics has provided us with a wonderful orthodontic experience. When I was younger I had teeth that stuck out in all directions, but thanks to some dedicated dental work they are now straight and well lined up. I appreciate not only the good-looking teeth but the friendly, enthusiastic environment found at Herremans Orthodontics.
Cameron Versluis

Amazing people to work with!  Everyone was very friendly and made appointments and procedures fun and comfortable for my daughter.                  Mr. Scofield

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